Diana Marua had a very candid conversation on her youtube channel as she answered a few questions from her fans.

Together with her husband, Bahati they were honest. She tackled her relationship with Victor Wanyama and if she has another family. Read all about it below:

Before her life with Bahati, she was a very down to earth girl. She lived her life away from so many people in her business but after getting married to Bahati her life became an open book.

During the Q&A, she was asked,

Do you feel you should have not been an open book to everyone?

Diana was open to say that yes, sometimes she wishes she did not open up too much.

"Sometimes yes. Some pieces of advice for you who are watching. Sometimes you feel and think you have friends you can confide in and you even call them family. You grow - I am talking about my life- but they are still on the same spot snd so they backstab you and decide to share things you had confided in them when you needed a shoulder to lean on." Diana said

Bahati then corrected her saying the question was on the way they have a channel and a reality show which has opened up their life to so many.

You're answering your own question. They are talking about exposing your life to the public.

To which Diana said,

No because to what degree.

So much of their life is out in the public and that has opened up to so many trolls and comments on their life choices.

Luckily the Bahatis have developed a mechanism to deal with the trolls.