Some might be taking advantage of the partial lockdown and the curfew restrictions to unwind and rest because they barely get that much time.

But here I am mourning our past lives, the things we used to do with so much freedom and with a care-free attitude, before Corona decided to ruin everything for the world.

Remember when you could squeeze yourself into an overcrowded elevator just cause you wanted to save time? I don't think anyone in their right mind would try and take that risk now.

From now on, we will be forced to think twice and even overthink before we do anything, for our own sakes.

Below is a list of some of the things that we won't be normalizing again even waay after Corona is gone.

Eating and drinking out freely

With the one meter rule, many restaurants and bars will find it hard to accommodateas many people like before.

 To add to it, even the revellers will always have to be cautious of the people they are interacting with as well as avoiding the dance floor.

Many will have to start relying on delivery services.

Going to concerts

Speaking of dancing, we love attending to concerts where thousands of youths throng for a fun time. Now it will be harder and harder to feel free or even entertain that idea.

This will in return make life harder for promoters, Djs and Mcs not forgetting those who rely on concerts for survival.

Going to amusement parks and swimming pools

Parents love to take their kids to parks and swimming pools over the weekends but now with everyone trying to be extra cautious, no one will be able to trust those swings enough to allow their kids to play with them. 

Evening walks

Before Corona, evening walks were the thing especially around the estate but with the curfew and the need to wear masks, people will find it hard to go back to taking those walks unless it's around not so populated estates or areas.going to concerts