Terence Creative with Wife Milly Chebby
Terence Creative with Wife Milly Chebby

Terence Creative  was today at the launch of Gire where he has being selected as one of the ambassadors to push the brand online.

Speaking to Kiss100,co,ke, Terence said, "Gire is the next big thing for women, they have the best products for babies and women. I'm an ambassador for the company as they unveil their various products."

The comedian who is know for his hilarious character, Kamami said the pandemic caused a huge dent on his financial status.

The pandemic affected me as an entertainer. There are no gigs as usual
Terrence Creative
Terence Creative wife Milly Chebby and baby Milantei
Terence Creative wife Milly Chebby and baby Milantei

"We are directing our content online. The situation has been bad because it has also affected our clients and that in turn affects us. "

Terence continued, "We are trying to maximize what we have and directing our strategy toward the online audience. We are trying to make ends meet though it has not been easy. There is no cash flow as before but the little we get we manage with it."

Asked about the lessons he has learnt so far?

"It is good to always have a back up plan and it is good to have a strategy on surviving any upcoming situation, like this pandemic. For me, entertainment is my first girlfriend but I have other things that run on the side just incase. "

About setting couple goals with his wife Milly Cheby for netizens, Terrence said,

First of all we are not couple goals but if you say so, we cannot argue with you.  
Terence Creative

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He added, "We are ordinary people, an ordinary couple. You are free to pick what you admire from us and the rest leave it as is. "