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Radio queen Kamene just like most of us started 2020 with high hopes of having the best year ever.

The year started out well and suddenly madam Rona decided to twerk on all our plans and ruin everything.

For Kamene, 2020 started on a high with her landing her dream job as Kiss presenter and she knew finally she was going to upgrade hers and her family members' lives.

Ghafla bin vuu!

"From the better part of the end of last year I have been working very hard and I had never been on holiday because of kazi kazi," Kamene said.

So while on holiday I realized I’d worked so long so hard. I had finally gotten my dream job I was finally living my dream but it wasn’t really coinciding with my life."

She added,

I came here and we started the show in Jan and before you know it Corona hit.

All the plans I had the new house the new car you know, upgrading my life, taking better care of my extended family all of that came to a screeching halt."

It is at that point when everyone in the country entered survival mode but all of a sudden people started thriving and panic kicked in.

According to Menje, two months ago her entire life took a total flip and things started working out.

It is that point she made a decision to not be in a survival mode and decided to make a bold decision and treat herself to a brand new house and moti.

"I woke up and said you know what, enough is enough. I got the house that I wanted and the car that I wanted to live the life that you have worked for. Getting my head out of that space. I just decided to go forth and take it because no one can stop you."

If this kind of mentality won't help catapult you for the remaining part of the year, then I don't know what will.