Milly Chebby
Milly Chebby
Image: Instagram

Kenyans really need to chill on this body shamming lifestyle. 

Celebrities are human beings just like anybody else and they are allowed to have fun and be themselves on social media, just like you are.

It has now become a norm when Kenyan celebrities post a picture in a swimsuit the internet is up in arms calling them out. No matter the shape or size of these celebrities, especially the female ones. There is always that one or two trolls.

This weekend, Milly Chebby was the victim, once again.

Her husband Terrence Creative took her on vacation to celebrate her channel getting to 100k plus subscribers and they went as a family because they win together.

As Milly was enjoying her time at the pool, her manz took a picture of her in her swimsuit and she posted it. As the likes of Jalang'o were appreciating the beauty, one Gracie decided to bring negative energy.

Jalas commented on her picture and said,

"Wamalise kabisaaaa"

The lady then replied to that comment and said,

 β€œ@Jalang’o wakumalizwa sioni”

Mrs. Mwangi wasn't going to have it. Nothing or no one was going to kill her vibes. She called her out publicly saying,

 β€œ@gracie_successful I am from your page I thought you look like Nikki Minaj or BeyoncΓ© stop the rubbish on my page”.

Milly Chebby on vacation
Milly Chebby on vacation
Image: Instagram

YY, who always comes to defend his Kenyan women was bold to state that body shamming is old fashioned.

β€œThe problem is body shaming people thinking wewe uko sawa kumbe wewe ndio mlima zaidi kwa macho ya wengine.... let’s grow up....we can't troll people for things that they can't change.”

To which Milly angrily added another comeback.

β€œ@yycomedian πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— Well put her looks shocked me, she should know I can lose weight but she can't change her looks nkt.”

Weh, jua nikubaya, trolls aren't having it easy any more.