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Kahush got into the limelight with his famous song, Mi Siwezi Stop, and we fell in love with him instantly.

Speaking to Jalas, we got to know more about him not as Mutahi Kagwe's son, but as an artiste.

With his cameo song, Kahush says the inspiration behind the songs he has released so far are all based on his lifestyle, things he has been through, experienced and seen.

He is soon dropping his EP and he says there is a song on the toughest heartbreak he has experienced.

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"Who dumps Kahush. I have sang about this pain because it is still there. I have had so many loves but when it is strong like this you have to sing about it. The one I am in now is the strongest. I am off the streets. It is all about love and loyalty. "

However, there is one thing about women that turns him off completely. 

I hate chics that just lie. Like there is no reason to lie, no pressure but they just lie, I mean why? Be easy. Kahush said

More to that, he says guys should stop saying he is relying on his rich and popular father to climb the ladder, but that he is putting in the effort to create a brand on his own.