CMB Prezzo
CMB Prezzo
Image: Instagram

CMB Prezzo loves his mother so much and you can see it from all the posts he puts about her.

All the love he showers her with is goals.

The gem that she is in her life, he affirms her with words of love but it is very rare to see a picture of her. 

Prezzo's mom has been there for him and their family since their dad passed on when he was a young kid.

He credits his mother for holding him down when he was in jail after. Prezzo talked about how he will forever be indebted to her mother for getting him out of jail.

"I got out of jail and Nikki´s mum said she wants to talk to me. So we went to her home, I also wanted to meet her to say ´thank you mama´ for taking care of the situation. She told me ´it´s okay´ what I´ve done but ´do not break my girl´s heart'." Prezzo shared

Meet the queen of Prezzo's life: