Today on The Morning Kiss, Jalas was angered by those lasses who have nothing else to bring to a relationship other than beauty and kitchen skills.

His advice to these girls is they need to expand their general knowledge to be able to have an intelligent conversation with people.

Kamene being the big sister says that she has been in that space and she hated being under a man.

"There is a level of comfort to live under a man. I was a housewife I know and that was the beginning of our troubles. The message of hard work is not been preached to women.

The level of mediocrity is being pushed. Ladies think it is only beauty and bedroom games and nothing else to bring on the table."

Adding that,

"Her girlfriends will look at her and see that she is living under a man with no work whatsoever and so they will want that life and the cycle continues."

Jalang'o who spoke on behalf of the men said,

"Body and looks will get you a hot boyfriend but they will not want to settle with you because you have nothing to say after two to three sit-downs. I have friends who have come with beautiful girls and they can not say anything on the table because once they open their mouths we will all be in shock."

Kamene added that the people who are pushing these narratives are fellow women.

"When I was with my husband I used to give my opinion on whatever discussion. But the wives of the other men, his friends, used to tell me to maintain because men should be the ones to shine always."

Jalang'o summarized the conversation by advising the ladies to offer more than culinary skills in a relationship or marriage.

"There are people in boring marriages and relationships and it is all because of a partner who is not pulling you up.  Every single man needs a girl who can push the grind and motivate you. You are with a woman after a crazy day and he tells her I have had a crazy day I will take you through it. By the time you mention LPO she is lost. She will want to dismiss that conversation with ati good food or bedroom game. Can you imagine all you are is a good cook in a relationship?"