Saumu Mbuvi
Saumu Mbuvi
Image: Instagram

Over the last couple of days, Saumu Mbuvi has been advocating for positive mental vibes.

She has been very clear that we need to address mental health. This was after she came out and spoke about her struggle with being bipolar for the last eight years. It got worse that she even tried to commit suicide. Read her full story below:

In an Instagram post, Saumu posted a letter to her daughters that was full of assurance and affirmation. Something that not so many parents are fond of doing.

"To my dear beautiful daughters. First I wanna thank you for giving my life a special purpose. I love you two beyond measures. I want you to know you were born queens, there is nothing in this life you can’t achieve as long as you stay focused. Always keep in mind there is more to life than just a male attention. I will always be here for you mostly to teach you the things I learned late. I will never write my mistakes on you but I will always want you to know that mummy’s love will always be here to guide you but for now, you are mummy’s queen-lets. May the Good Lord protect you and guide you two and guide you for me. I think it’s about time I take back my power. I was born a Queen and My Father is a KING PERIOD🧿❤️@jaysbubble thank you there so much I learned from you"

Saumu Mbuvi has mentioned time and time again that she is trying to be her best self for her children's sake. She promises she will always be the mother her daughters need.