Mulamwah announced last week that he is officially a single man in a long poem on social media and it raised mixed reactions all over.

His reason for the break up is that she changed after he elevated her and the relationship wasn't going to survive. You know what, read the poem below:

Over the weekend, Mulamwah decided to go and release his heartbreak stress in the club. To get him out of that space came Shakilah. She twerked his pain away and kissed his sorrows goodbye.


From the videos he posted on his Instagram Stories, he seemed to be having the time of his life. Doesn't even look like he is hurting but it was evident he is single.

With the videos of him and Shakila trending, he started getting comments that he has moved on too fast. Especially after he kissed her, looked like he found a new bae. To clear the air, he took to his Instagram stories and made it clear that nothing was going on romantically or sexually between the two.

Mulamwah and Shakila
Mulamwah and Shakila
Image: Instagram