On Monday's Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas were concerned about how the Covid-19 cases in Kenya have been rising every day since the country was re-opened.

The party animals were super excited since they had been locked out of clubs for months. Deejays plus bar owners can now make some money after months of lamenting about their financial status owing to the shutdown.

" We have already done two weeks of partying in a few we’ll be a month already Are you happy?"  Kamene asked her listeners 

Caller one: Nimesurvve hii mda wote, dunda tu ndio itaniletea Corona.

Caller two: In Nakuru people don’t mind eti it’s open cause maisha was just kawaida.

Caller three: Sherehe iko sawa tumerudi kila kitu iko sawa hata masks sikuhizi hatuvai sana, unajua ronga unaanzia tumaini unaenda legend, unakunywa kadogo hapa kwingine kadogo. Even if yoou look at the matattus, there Is nothing like social distancing.

Caller four: I went through a heartbreak juzi and I decided to travel to heal my heart and Menje people are partying like nonsense

After hearing this, Jalang'o was saddened that this form of lifestyle has been inspired by our leaders.

"Mimi kwanza si party, all I have to say is our leaders started this wave when they showed us they were not taking it seriously by eating COVID-19 money Kenyans also decided not to take it seriously. Then they went ahead and started the rallies and Kenyans thought why not go back to the normal life."

What are your thoughts? Children are going back to school today, life has taken a new normal turn and the COVID-19 cases are rising. There are also reports that phase two is coming and it could be worse.