So much is going on in the world of Frankie, Corazon and Maureen.

While all this going on, nothing stops Maureen from being the best version of herself. During this period, she has managed to scoop major endorsements and for that, she credits the boss that she is. Of course through the grace of God as she always acknowledges. 

Taking to social media, Maureen had a message to the young girls that they need to be a force to reckon with by learning to be their own best friends.


"Dear girl, just passing by to remind you to compliment yourself often. Get dressed up for yourself. Eat off your fancy plates. Take yourself  out for a glass of champagne 🍾 and celebrate your life. Blast your favorite song and dance around your home. A woman becomes a force when she learns to be her own Best Friend."

The last cry we had from her was when she exclusively talked to Mpasho saying she was told to leave the home Frankie left for her and her children.

But we must give it up to the babe, she is trying to hold so much of her sh*t together.