WCB Zuchu and Diamond in song Cheche
WCB Zuchu and Diamond in song Cheche
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Diamond Platnumz WCB queen, Zuchu has been part of the gang who have been accused of using witchcraft to gain numbers.

Responding to those claims by social media users that she is using witchcraft for her music to go viral.

Speaking to Wasafi TV, Zuchu clarified that she has never used that kind of power and credits her success to God.


"My doctor is God. Sometimes I forget to pray may the Lord forgive me. I have a fear of the Lord. I pray for all of my projects. I will be lying if I ever say that I have gone for witchcraft, I don't even know where they are found."

Zuchu has only been in the game for a few months but she has already gained more than what people have achieved been in the game for years.

"Probably people didn’t expect I do this well. It is hard work."

They have gone through a lot since the release of their two songs. Litawachoma and Cheche.

Cheche was pulled down and later returned on YouTube after a lot of struggles.

The story behind this was linked to Tanasha and Jamal Gadaffi after he exposed them for copying Usher's and Beyonce's style in their song, 'Love in This Club'.