With all the drama going on between Frankie and Maureen as of this weekend, he is almost certain that she has not moved on.

The two broke up and a few months later manz had moved on and next thing we know he has a child on the way with Corazon.

Addressing this issue on his YouTube Channel, he talked about his relationship with Corazon.

"I will not give a timeline as to how long someone should heal. I stumbled upon something so beautiful that I was in complete disbelief because I was from a heartbreaking relationship. So we enjoyed every moment and I did not want it to end. Now that is where Maureen's resentment came. She probably thought we would get back together but for me, I was done. I was in a toxic environment because of the children, And I realized staying here will trickle down to the kids."

Maureen had mentioned a couple of times that she was kicked out of the house they both used to live in. The house she renovated, Frankie was clear he did not kick her out because it is not his house.

"We were given this house when we were together. So now that we have gone our separate ways, the house needs to go back to the rightful owner. So saying I kicked you out is falsified information. I have no issue with helping her with the rent of the new house because my children are staying there. But let it be known, I do not need to take care of Maureen, I need to take care of my children.

I do not use my children to gain clout. I am not the one dressing them up and posing for shoots. I shoot raw authentic situations with them as my diary. I do not use them as puppets. There is a time Lexi told me, Papa I do not like pictures and I was like daymn, we force them to do things they do not want to do."

Adding that he has an amicable way for Maureen to be able to heal in peace.

"Please move on. Let me have the kids for as long as you need to heal then come for them. All I want is my children. I want my two boys to meet their brother to grow up together go to the same schools. All I want is my children. I do not care about Maureen, I care about my boys. "

He concluded the video by saying,


"Maureen, we went our separate ways and you know this. Please, me and the kids did not go our separate ways. I want to take care of all my three boys and it is not so hard to understand that. "