Diana Marua has opened up and given us details we did not expect to ever hear come out of her mouth.

Trying to keep up with the Nairobi fast lane life, she lived a very wildlife that had to be associated with money. 

Speaking on her YouTube show, Diana opened up and said she dated several men to support her lifestyle. Some of these men were even married.

"I used to date men for money at some point in my life. It is because I lucked the whole of my life and all I wanted was a good life and to live well. I had someone to pay for my rent, to shop for my house, to buy me clothes. Money was never a problem in my early 20's. I had someone to sort me. That's why I laugh when people say I am with Baha for money."

Chilling with her husband, Bahati back when they were dating saw her come for dates in different cars and he was always concerned about how she has all these good things in life yet she was jobless.

Diana then gave her experience hoping girls would pick a lesson or two saying,

"The thing about money that you do not work for is it is bad. Because you do not think of saving or even investing. You just want tp spend it on clothes, shoes and the club life."

I know too much to digest right?

She went ahead to surprise us even further.

I remember at some point I was a side chic to a married man and guys, I am not saying this because I am proud. I am doing this to encourage someone that you do not have to live the life you are living all the time. 


"I liked this man and so did he but he told me he will never leave his wife for me. He told me all I can do is get you a car with my name, a house and one child. And I was okay with it. I  might have been a side but he was treating me well. The thing now was there are rules to being a side chic. There are days I do not have with him and that made me envious." Diana shared

Diana said in as much there so many highs, she would go home wondering what is it she lucks to be a solid wife to someone? Her guilty conscience stopped her from being a side chic because she didn't want the same to happen to her when she gets married.

She always thought she can do better.

Watch the full video below: