DJ Pierra Makena is a gorgeous mother to a  very bold and beautiful 4-year old daughter.

With the good job she has done with Ricca, she now feels it is time for baby number 2, 3 and even more.

The two beauties went all out on a knight-themed photoshoot that had many wishing they would have that relationship with their mothers and others with their daughters. And for people like us, baby fever just hit 99%.

Pierra has not once or twice shown she is the best mother Ricca could ever have despite being brought up in a single-parent environment.
She has shown her all the love she ever needed even at the most difficult times. And for that, we applaud Pierra.




Taking to social media, the mother of one admitted that maybe it is time she bore more children.

“A PROUD MOTHER! I think I need to get another of these humans… I’m not soo badly off.”

After her baby daddy up and left as soon as he heard she was pregnant, she thought motherhood would be a disaster, but look at her now. Living her best life in all areas of her life.