Shout out to all the young female content creators out here trying to get their name beyond the corners of Kenya.

We have been voting and vouching for Elsa Majimbo for her Peoples Choice Award nomination. Have you seen all the endorsements she has gotten? From heavy names worldwide.

Now Natalie Githinji was just busy doing her normal thing, creating content, and it got the attention of legendary model, Tyra Banks.

She created the famous Tyra look, the fringe weave and the smize(smiling with your eyes) and made a collage of her look and the American model's look and captioned,

"Maybe a Kenyan @tyrabanks 😍😍😍She beautiful inside and outside and so I'm i...someone tag her for me🤩🤩"

And it got the attention of Ms. Banks. She replied with such a sweet message and said,

"Or I’m an American Natalie. 😉"

Mama, she made it! Imagine getting the recognition of such a huge brand. Also, this just shows how humble Tyra is.

The most interesting thing about all this is that way back, Natalie Githinji was very much into the tomboy kind of look. She was not about the wigs, the nails and the makeup. Look at where the change has gotten her. 

I know if I was in her shoes, I would do exactly what she did. A supper excited  Natalie took a screenshot of the comment and posted it then captioned it saying,

“Wait what…. I LOVE YOU Tyra Banks damn I’m so happy I’m screaming rynow….. damn”.

Kenya to the world.