In case you have not noticed, Jalas is looking better and better as the days go by.

Of course, we cannot ignore that manz can clean up good but this time, I am talking about his body. Today marks day three of his fitness journey and boy isn't it working.

Together with his wife, they wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is hit the road for a run.

"My wife is killing me. This is my third day of my fitness journey and I am in pain. I am in pain all over. You know her she runs for her team, she does a lot of this zumba things. The only Zumba I know is using my hands to pick nyama na kinywaji."

Fitness has and will never be easy especially for him since he has to wake up really early to run and get ready for work for him to be on air at 6 am sharp.

"Today I wanted to sleep so I switched of the phone to avoid the alarm going off, kumbe she had her own alarm. We woke up running but she is taking me slowly. Two kilometers in under 10 minutes. I feel like I will die."

Jalang'o said that this will be his new normal so we need to watch out and see.

"I do not want to hit the gym immediately so give me this week my body will be back. I just want the fitness regime, so that when I het to the gym things are easier." He told Kamene