Kiss FM's Drive presenter Nick Ndeda is celebrating his 35th birthday. I know he does not look a day past 20 right?

Celebrating this special day, he penned a letter to himself, revealing that he never knew he would make it past 27 years.

‘I thought I'd be dead by 27 so my 20s were fleeting, to say the least. Fortunately, I met people and did things that made me want to stay alive. here we are, 35. Glad and happy and very fucking hopeful about shit. On that note, on a very serious note if i ran for president would you vote for me? Happy birthday to me!!.’

Nick is one of those chilled guy but best believe when the mic goes on, you will always have a good laugh with him and Lynda Nyangweso.


As the Kiss FM family we would want to wish Nick a happy 35th and may the year be filled with so many moments of joy. And yes Nick, we will vote for you ama?