Bahati and Diana Marua share a lot about their life online, be it private matters or other issues.

Speaking to Willis on 10over10, Diana was asked why she does not worry about posting her family online.

"I do not have anything to be ashamed of. I want my children to know they can always talk to us. They will meet all sorts of people and for me sharing means I will sit down with them and show them all and tell them to learn from mum. I do not want the world to teach them.


For me, it is all about inspiring people out there. I am not righteous and I never was. I had a life before Bahati. It is all about being real and the lessons I have learned from it. To show them, you will never found fulfillment in this kind of life. I am not proud of the things I did but I am happy at the progress I have made." Diana said

Bahati added to that saying that living a fake life does not help anybody.

"When you fake your life you will never help people. That is why we get backlash from people, we are too open. We all go through the same problems but how do we get through them."

Then Willis addressed the big elephant in the room. When will the two have a white/church wedding?

"We were to get married this year but she insisted she wants when all the children to be part of the experience and for now, Majesty is still very young. Diana, my wife suggested 2022."

Now we wait, hopefully, no more babies till then, but then again who are we to stop God's plan?