Jacqueline Wolper, Harmonizes ex has some very interesting information for us.

Manz been trending for the better part of last week after he revealed he is a father to a two-year-old but then his wife, Sarah denied those claims saying he is doing this for clout chasing.

If that is the truth we will go by, then manz loves to clout chase. Now back to Wolper. Remember a few months ago, there was a story making headlines that Harmonize gave her Tsh 30 million? Apparently, that ain't true.

During an interview with one of the Tanzanian media, Wolper exposed Harmonize by denying she received that money from him.

Wolper revealed that when she met harmonize he was broke and she helped him work his way up. 

"You cannot say that you gave your girlfriend 30 million when your girlfriend is the one who even bought you boxers. You did not even know what shower gel, you thought it was body lotion. I told him it is body wash not oil. Then today you will say you gave me 30 million? From where? I have gone to their house and slept on the floor. I have cooked outside with charcoal so where is the TSH 30 million from? He could not even buy a bed." Wolper shared.

Daym, so cold. But hey, that was his past, now he is thriving in his career and has even started a management company. It is not easy so kudos to you brother. Your past does not have to define your future.