Find you a man like Chito. Keeps his life on the down-low and only presents what needs to be. And when he does share, you will always be left with a lesson, a laugh or a change of heart.

Today marks one year since he walked down the aisle and said I do to the love of his life, his wife.

Taking to social media, he celebrated the day with a sweet message to her and he can officially speak Kikuyu.

"Happy 1st year Anniversary to my baby boo, my best friend, my heartbeat, my favor and good being aka My Mrs. Ndhlovu😍It’s been an amazing year together and I am looking forward to forever with you..nĩngwendete!" Chito posted.

The picture he shared was of the two at the alter declaring their vows before the church, friends and family.

So much love on the comment section to the love birds from both friends and fans. Even those who stood by him from the day he went down on one knee to propose a happily ever afterlife to his love.

From the Kiss100 family, happy anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Ndhlovu.