Jalang'o was an active Twitter user until he lost his account and getting it back has been a long and tedious process.

So because that was not working, the man decided to just start a fresh new account. 

"I have given up trying to recover my hacked Twitter account jalangomwenyewe...Let me start again! Follow my new Twitter [email protected] Not afraid to start again!" He posted on social media.

Today on the morning kiss with Chito, he was happy to announce he is back on Twitter but with a fresh new account.


"Guess who is back on Twitter? " He asked Chito with a smile on his face

"Finally, one year later. Post COVID-19. " Chito replied

Jalas then added that just when he was about to get the account, something went wrong and he got tired of constantly trying with no results.

"And I copied you, by the way, my handle is @thisisjalas just like your name, @thisischito. I tried getting my old account back again and again. The person who has been trying to help me was almost but he couldn't so I decided to just start a fresh."

Chito was happy that he was the inspiration behind Jalas' new name on Twitter.

Shaffie Weru who is also very active on Twitter was surprised that he has been throwing banter at a fake account. Now he understands why he has not been getting the response as he should be.


"So I have been bantering with a fake Jalas pale twitter????? bladfakinin yeye.....namuobea apate chawa mob kwa fuuuuthiiiii." Shaffie replied

Welcome back Jalas. To the Kiss 100 fans, let us support him by following him on the new account.