Amber Ray has been trending this year after so many people have exposed her for living a life she does not really work for.

According to the tea, she has a sponsor who finances her life. And this has not been said once or twice.

Amber is tired of all the talk and constant digging in her life she shut them, haters, down saying,

"As you continue shouting ooh she is being kept by a man, ooh it is her boyfriend who is funding her lifestyle, their business was opened by a sponsor. The question is, what is your own boyfriend doing for you when you are talking about other's boyfriends."

Jalas said that this statement got him thinking of a lot.

"Amber Ray volume iko sawa. I totally agree with you. It is very annoying because I hear the same stories especially when I travel they say who is this boyfriend funding my trips. They even ask Charity who this rich man is. 

For your information, it is me, Michelle Kamene Goro all courtesy of Radio Africa and the hustle." Kamene said

Jalang'o interrupted her saying,

"You have a rich boyfriend Kamene. Today I will tell your people who your sponsor is. It is Kiss100. You wake up to see him for 4 hours and you are very dedicated to him. I am in a very committed relationship."

Guys, there are some ladies who work hard for them to enjoy the good things in life. Don't jump to conclusions.