Phillip Karanja and Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress are one of the cutest couples we admire. They are definitely goals as a family.

Their daughter turned one a few days ago and just like the norm, they went for a family photo shoot which also added up as a Christmas card photoshoot.

Things proved somewhat difficult  just when they tried to pose for pictures as baby Karla never cooperated, but they came up with something cute.

Kate then posted a picture of her and her first-born son saying they may fight a lot but they are so alike.


"What is it about firstborn sons 😭. We fight a lot but one thing about us we are inseparable, Phil says we are twins, I think we have the same temperament. Happy holidays from us. Also, ameni block coz am too nosy 😩" The Actress said

She then posted cute pictures of Phil and their son and let's just be honest, they are one gorgeous family. Here are the pictures below from the Karanja's,