Diamond Platnumz’ father Abdul Juma has been trending after a picture of him hustling his way in life was doing rounds.

It is hard to imagine that the father of the biggest East African artiste is hawking. Put in mind that they had mended their relationship but now clearly, things are not doing well.

Mzee Abdul is said to be struggling yet his children are living large. His superstar son Diamond has been heavily criticized for ‘abandoning’ him.

In an interview with a Tanzanian outlet, Diamonds father said,


"I have faith that when I leave it’s not a must he bury me as I'm a man of the people and I can get laid to rest by other people. He could be out of the country or not around but not get a chance to do so." Abdul Said

Many people have commented on the video claiming this is a curse from a father to a son.

When the video of Abdul made headlines, Diamond's mother, Sandra Dangote defended her son saying,

"What else do you want him to be given? If it is assistance, he has already been assisted enough," she wrote. "

We really do not know the story behind all this, but we hope they will mend things up, it is 2021, a new year.