Kamene and Jalas are just like everybody else this week, making new year resolutions. Things must change this year.

But one thing they are putting out is that the plans you are making must be fully dependent on you as a person and not the government and their directives or coronavirus.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Jalas started off by saying the one thing he wants to change this year is a little less partying.


"New year new me of course is what I told you that is such a cliché and you think it is a lie. A day at a time you work on the hard things. Last year nilikula sherehe.

But before that we were just chilling and that made me think a lot about my life.

One is I will reduce on partying just a bit not to get rid of it completely and then refocus on a few things.

Number two, I have had brothers and friends who have let me down when I needed them the most and I want to reduce the trust  I have invested in them." Jalas explained 

Kamene then added to that saying for her, it is majorly a year of Kamene and less of others. This is the year she will write a book.

"What my new year new me looks like is that I am going to be less patient because it was at the cost of my own detriment.  I am also going to have less tolerance especially with people I had in my life and I gave them too much they did not need. In 2021 I will be much happier, I want peace love and happiness. I also want to simplify my life as I was juggling so much, I do not have to be everywhere.

2021, I will do it all. Live a fearless life. I said I will write a book,  I will do it. Taking one step at a time to change to a new and better me and not letting anything stop me."

A new year comes with a lot of reflection about what we did or didn't achieve last year, and what you want 2021 to look  like. What are your plans for 2021?