Madtraxx aka Maddy is that guy you know when he is part of the song, it is about to be a heavy one especially in the club.

Manz decided to go live when he was on cloud 9 and he was ready to answer anything.

As you know 2020 was Mejja year. I mean he did so many collabos and they were major hits. You get that? And he was been named one of the most successful artistes in 2020 and 2021 he looks like is about to give us more. Including a single.

One fan asked Madtraxx during the live if he thinks Mejja is the best artiste in Kenya. And we were not ready for the answer.


"Mejja is not the best artiste in the country now. He has been the best since 2007 and it is you who does not know and see. As a producer, I am telling you it has been a pleasure to work with someone as creative as that. Mejja is a talent not to be reckoned with. And you shall continue to see from someone who has dedicated his life to the craft. Someone as great as Mohammed Ali and you guys just do not know."

Remember Mejja since his days for 'Landlord'? He has always been an amazing artiste.