Tedd Josiah needs that best daddy award. He is really doing a good job in raising Jay Jay.

We have been with him throughout his journey as a single father after his wife passed on. Their daughter was just 3 months old and what was ahead for him, was not going to be easy.

But he took up the challenge and he is doing an amazing job. Have you seen her? All grown up and gorgeous.

Taking to social media, he revealed that he can still see his late wife in his daughter's eyes and he gets flashbacks of their time together before her sad demise.

"Impossible to raise you without seeing your mother looking at me through your eyes. Hard to carry you into bed every night (cause you're becoming bigger and heavier) but your mama’s very last words were “please carry the baby she’s getting heavy for me” Those words play in my head every day that I feel the world is getting hard on us. Still, a mighty long way to go, still a Queen 👸🏽 to raise into a loving 🥰 strong 💪🏼 leader... Still a legacy to keep alive. Still love to share. FOREVER FOR ALWAYS FOR LOVE 💕"

If you follow him, you can see that she is all grown up and the confidence is 100%. Exactly as it should be. Good job, Tedd.