Tedd Josiah has a massive following and for that he is grateful. Not only for the likes but also for help they offered him.

Thanking Kenyans, he put up a post appreciating them for coming through when he lost his wife Reginah Katar who passed on three months after giving birth to Jay Jay.

Since then, Tedd says strangers became family and he is forever grateful.

"To our beloved IG family, to say thank you doesn’t even feel like it’s enough. I was broken (am still in repair) and lost. 2017 OCT was all about cliffhanging in pain, learning how to raise a baby girl 3 months old alone! No nanny, no relatives, no one just baby and I walking the toughest walk I’ve ever had to.

Guess who came through for us with baby clothes, with baby milk, with words of encouragement, with prayers and more prayers and more prayers…? Our IG family that was at the time only 20k at the time. When JayJay’s 1st birthday 🎂 came along I was scared and very jobless about to be kicked out of our home. People from as far as china sent JayJay gifts 🎁 and cakes 🎂 and so many other things. you made it bearable."

Adding that he took a risk to launch his late wife's business idea and his fans embraced it.

"When we launched mama’s idea of a bag company JokaJok you embraced us and have continued to build with us from day one. Now we not only feed ourselves but we feed 11 other families through employment and we empower single mothers and fathers in our company. Our head of the leather studio is a lady feeding and fending for 3 children alone, all our other staff also have children to fend for and we’ve managed to come this far with you our IG family and build a legacy company."

Thanking his fans, Tedd Josiah said,

"The road ahead is even longer and the only god knows where it leads. Sometimes strangers become closer than family and love you in a real way they will pray, fast, love and support you. We don’t take that for granted at all and we want to thank you. Let’s keep building the bear 🐻 family but also let’s build other people who may be in need. We love and appreciate you. live 🦋 love 💕 laugh 😂"