Green Card Lottery
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The United States Government opened the 2025 Diversity Visa selection results on Saturday (midnight).

Kenyans who applied have been advised to enter their confirmation numbers at

The US embassy in Kenya said selection does not guarantee a visa or an interview for the successful applicants.

"2025 Diversity Visa selections are available starting tonight. Find out if you were selected by entering your confirmation number at This is the only way to check if you have been selected," the statement read.

Each year, the United States government grants 50,000 permanent resident cards to people from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the US.

This year’s (2023) Green Card Lottery is called the DV2025 Lottery.

Entries for the DV2025 Lottery were conducted from October 4, 2023, to November 7, 2023.

Winners of the lottery will be entitled to enter the United States in 2025 on their new permanent resident card also popularly known as a Green Card.

"For the fiscal year 2025, 50,000 permanent resident cards will be available for successful applicants. A permanent resident card is popularly known as a Green Card due to its green colour," the statement read.

People born in countries that sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the United States of America over the past five years were not allowed to enter the Diversity Visa Lottery.