Rapper DaBaby claims he declined a fake rap beef

American rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, alias DaBaby claims he got an offer to step into the ring amid the ongoing rap wars but declined it. 

During a conversation with Shaq and Adam Lefkoe on The Big Podcast, the rapper DaBaby revealed that he had received a call from a certain rapper two days after J Cole apologized at the Dreamville Festival.

Who suggested they should diss each other, despite being cool behind closed doors.


“He said, ‘Man, all the back and forth between J. Cole and Kendrick got me fired up, bro. I feel like we should diss each other. We cool behind closed doors, we should diss each other. And we cool, we know we cool.’ … I know for a fact what that would do, right? But I'm like, at the same time it ain't, it's a little more personal with me...I wouldn't say certain things about you if I don't really feel a certain way about you, you get what I'm saying? I told him, I said, and that's out of respect for you."

DaBaby declined the offer, stating that he wouldn't disrespect someone he has respect for, as it goes against the cloth he is cut from.

“I'm not gonna disrespect nobody that I got respect for…because of what come with it on my end from my world, from the cloth I'm cut from,” he added. “I said, ‘I appreciate you thinking about me reaching out…I appreciate it, but nah bro, I got respect for you. I'm gonna pass on that.’”

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He also discussed his opinion on the current tensions within hip-hop, particularly with regards to J. Cole’s apology to Kendrick Lamar.

Although DaBaby had only heard snippets of the apology, he thinks that J. Cole made the right decision for himself.


He believes that it takes a certain type of man to leave things alone when they don't sit well with you, instead of being swayed to do something by people on the outside.

Despite his diplomatic answer, DaBaby says that he was still "all for" the music and that the situation had fired him up.