I think people are just confused- Tyla says as she defends her music style

Netizens have been criticizing her album noting all the songs sound just like 'Water'

South African artist Tyla
Image: Instagram

Fast rising South African singer, Tyla has come out to defend her album from critics who have voiced that all her songs sound exactly similar to her Grammy winning breakthrough song 'Water.'

During an appearance she made on Kiss Fresh UK with Henrie Vii, Tyla maintained her music was fresh and new and that is why people were having a hard time wrapping their heads around it.

"So, I have been seeing that people are saying all the songs sound like 'Water' and I am like 'huh? Like what do you guys mean?" Started off the 21-year-old South African artist.


Tyla went on to defend her album and music style noting that her sounds might sound the same simply because she was just working in the same genre.

She argued that her music style was unique and new and that is what had people confused.

"I think people are just confused. You know like I am introducing something very new, even though it is familiar like it is Afro beats, Amapiano, RnB and pop, it is a fresh new sound.


And I think people confuse that with sounding the same when in reality it is just the same genre. That is how genres work!" Tyla dramatically said as she let out chuckles.

Finishing up, the Grammy award winning artist highlighted that despite the criticism she knew her album was a banger and she was not bothered by words flying online.

"Like why do we have to explain this? I am just happy that people are learning now and they are vibing but regardless of whatever, it is a banging album," Tyla told Henrie.

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