My kids moved me to start 'Diary Of A Retired Wife'-Jose Chameleone's wife shares

Chameleone's wife, Daniella Atim sought asylum in the US after 16 years of being married to the Ugandan musician

Daniella Atim with Ugandan singer Jose in a past photo
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Jose Chameleone's estranged wife Daniella Atim has revealed that her kids encouraged her to start her new YouTube channel, 'The Diary Of A Retired Wife'

The mother of 5 who currently resides in the US where she sought asylum 5 years ago notes that the channel while be dedicated to sharing her story in regards to her marriage to the Leone Island CEO whom she accuses of physical violence.

Daniella hopes to encourage other moms and women in general to learn to leave, most importantly sooner than she did, when they spot the red flags.


"Here is a YouTube channel my kiddos encouraged me to start because they just like I, do believe in uplifting moms and women out there..." started off Daniella.

Speaking to both genders, she noted that the signs of toxicity more or less are always there especially during the talking stage and she maintains one should not ignore them under any circumstances or in hopes that change will come.

The mother of 5 who was married to the Ugandan singer for 16 years also took time to encourage women to learn to tell their stories without fear or shame, ignoring those who might try to silence them.

Daniella Atim
Image: Courtesy

Miss Atim argued that if people don't like the narrative then they should have acted better not trying to shame the victim.

"Dear young girls and boys, all the signs are there when you meet, don’t ignore the red flags like I did .There are great partners out there to compliment your own greatness," candidly stated Chameleone's estranged wife.

"And if your family or anyone doesn’t like it, let them deal with their insecurities. You ‘re sharing your life as you experienced it and if people wanted to be talked about any better, they should have treated you right. You ‘ll never be a victim for sharing your story. Instead, you will be a triumphant survivor setting the world on fire with your truth and your courage.

You never know who needed your light, who needed to see your candle in order to light theirs or who needed your story as a manual for their own escape. Granted, you must first heal enough before you tell your story to the world, it takes energy to climb onto stage to talk to people so make sure you are not still bleeding emotionally as you go up. Heal to a degree that you can talk without caring who lashes back at you for apparently ‘exposing them," added Daniella as she spoke more about her journey and what to expect from her channel.

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