In case you do not follow Baba Zawadi, Dj Creme De La Creme, let me fill you in. Manz relocated to Kericho, his home town.

It may seem funny but he is living in his own house with a huge compound that together with his family.

His wife Denise has worked in making a home for her children, Jamari and Zawadi. Their backyard tells it all.

We thought Creme and family were there just because of the pandemic,  then schools opened and their children were enrolled to a nearby school. That is when we knew it's real.



He made this move last year during the pandemic and now he has his business, his family's business and still deejaying here and there.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Jalas reminded us that if we let Nairobi do its thing under the governance of the people we have, we might just find ourselves back in ushago.

"People came into this year with the hope that things opening up. They said 2020 was bad so let us make 2021 better.

But it is not a government thing. It is a personal realization that when you just sit and are not part f this economy, you will suffer and find your way back to ushago like Creme De La Creme who is currently in Kericho." He said

Kamene laughed out loud and warning Jalas to stop throwing shade but he said,


"No, this is based on the article on the front page of The Standard where he was featured. He said he fled Nairobi and went back to ushago with better reasons of course.


But if you're in Nairobi expecting the government to run things for you, wake up and run things for yourself. The government is coming for all your coins in the name of tax. It should be opening things for yourself against what the government will do because we have seen it." Jalas concluded

Be wise.