This week's trending topic will definitely be the joke that came to our timelines. Tanasha spent her weekend in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Of course, we know that is where Diamond lives and where Naseeb Junior, their son, was conceived.

Videos and pictures of the two looking all boo'd up have been trending that elicited debate about it.

So many people had different reactions to the whole situation but what was clear is that Tanasha is making a huge mistake. Social media inlaws are saying, she needs to be careful because once bitten, twice shy.


Bahati who is Diamond's close friend had some unsolicited advice for a brother.

"Woke Up thinking; If I was @diamondplatnumz I'd not let this Beautiful Girl Leave My house ati Arudi Kenya🙆‍♂️... Lakini Shida Ni Moja Tuu : MIMI SIO SIMBA 🦁"

If you have watched the small snippets of the trending videos, you can see there is chemistry from one side, Tanasha's. Diamond has been snubbing her from the kiss scene to the grinding scene. Leaving her high and dry, literally.

But like Bahati tried to insinuate, this is none of our business, we are neither of the two so let them be as we watch it all unfold.