Wonders shall never cease when it comes to the Dangote's. And no, not the richest guy in Africa, I mean the Platnumz'.

There has been so much drama in their house after news broke out that Mzee Abdul is not Diamond's father. This came from an interview Ricardo Momo -Diamond's real brother- did. He dropped bombs and they were all backed up by Sandra Dangote, his mother.

Speaking for the first time on this, Diamond had an interview at Wasafi FM during Lil Ommy's show The Switch and he admitted all that was said was true.


"Anything that was said did not have any lies attached to it especially to do with me. As I was growing up I knew Abdul was my father. In the year 2000, I was told by Mama RJ to go to the market place in Tandale and look for a certain Salum Bubu. When I get there I should tell him I am his son. I got there and he was selling rice. He was a huge rice supplier. I met him and told him I have been sent to him as his son. He gave me rice and some money.

At that point, my mum had no relationship with him nor with Mzee Abdul. And it became a norm, I used to go there get some money like that like that. " Diamond said.

He went on to add that he then met and created a bond with his brothers without the knowledge that they are his biological family.

"I then met Ricardo Momo and my other brothers in Karioko but I was so young to understand they are my brothers because I knew Abdul is my father. But when we met with my brothers, our bond was tight and I looked so much like one of them. It was so confusing trying to understand which is my family.

My music career started when I was in Karioko. People even thought I am from there. Now when I grew up is when I knew these are my brothers."

It was so sad that in as much as Mr. Platnumz loved Mzee Abdul as his father, he really did not want a relationship with Diamond.

"When I was young because I knew Mzee Abdul is my father I would go visit him after they separated with my mother and his mother would chase me away because she did not like me. I remember when he was sick I went to see him and he said I have come to confirm if he is dead so that we can inherit his wealth. Because he had money then. All this time I did not know anything. But now it makes sense why I was not wanted at Mzee Abdul's but wanted at Ricardo Momo's house." The WCB CEO said

Mzee Abdul, Diamonds 'father'
Mzee Abdul, Diamonds 'father'
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He then revealed that he knew the whole truth just the other day when he finally decided to have that conversation with Mama Dangote.


"Believe it or not, we had this discussion for the first time with my mother about four months ago. I showed her pictures and asked her who is my father between the two. She told me she also did not know back then. But maybe she just did not want to hurt my feelings."

Contrary to the stories that were out there, Diamond refuted claims that he never helped his father financially.

"Another thing I need to say is that I used to help Mzee Abdul. In fact, my mum used to pressure me so much to send money to my father -as we have known him-  and I would. This made mum feel bad because when he needed my help I was there for him yet he said in the media that I never helped him."

But despite it all, Diamond concluded that discussion saying he still considers Mzee Abdul as his father.