Chiki Kuruka is very open about her relationship with her mother. The two are the classic example of mother-daughter goals.

For them, it is more than family love but a friendship they have built over the years. And the fact that they look like sisters I think adds a plus.

Taking to social media, Chiki, Bien's wife posted a very cute and happy picture and caption to her mother.

"A true representation of how I feel! My mum is one of my best friends (until she got her dog and dumped me 🤣🤣). So often I miss that kind of energy in my life, the energy of a friend who is more experienced and wiser than me. Surrounding myself with beauties like @alisonngethe , always makes me feel closer to home."

Psychologists are now encouraging this kind of relationships in households because this generation is going through a lot of mental issues. It is only discovered after things get to the extreme. I am sure you have been watching the news.

From what Bien said about Chiki's mother, he was clear that she is an amazing person also not just as a mother in law, but a friend. A prayer of many who are getting married, to have a good relationship with in-laws because it makes marriage easier.