Mejja and Ex girlfriend
Mejja and Ex girlfriend
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Mejja might be out here doing the most giving us hit song after hit song, but manz been going through the most as of December, 2020.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, he revealed that he is no longer in a relationship with the babe he had introduced us to last year. 

''My wife and I are not together at the moment. It is one of those cases I cannot understand. It is confusing because we were just fine to let's just say she found her happiness in something else and it is her right, the same way I would have wanted her to understand me. Everyone is supposed to be happy. It is so hard to let a girl go not because she did anything wrong to you but just because maybe she wanted to find her happiness in something else, for example like a job,'' Mejja opened up

He went ahead to state the good things that came out of their relationship and one of them was she made him a prayerful man.

 ''She is a good mum and will thank her because she changed my life. She made me a prayerful man and she was my number one fan. She used to help me when writing lyrics."

Mejja wishes things would go back to the way they were.

''We parted way in December 2020, and it depressed me. Have tried talking to her twice about this but we have not come to a solution because it is a very tricky issue. I wish the happiness she wanted was something I could get from the shop, would have given her.''