Mutahi Kagwe was in studio today with Kamene and Jalas on The Morning Kiss to unpack a few things.

Of course, Kenyans had a lot of questions and the morning duo was there for us. One of the things that concern the youth, is on the dusk to dawn curfew.

Things are almost back to normal, including the opening of schools but by 10 pm, people must be home.

Making it clear, The Health CS said,

"Let me explain. You can not look at curfew in isolation, you need to look at curfew in the context of everything else that is going on in the country.

Our experience was that one of the areas the virus was transferring faster was in the entertainment areas. Particularly when people got drunk. I want to put it as it is. And we have seen with our own eyes. Everyone behaves so well up to a certain point, everyone is a ministry of health agent in how they act and what they do.

Up until 9 o'clock, everybody behaves very well at a certain time you see people and you imagine you can not hear them anymore so you come closer and closer.


So what was happening was the transmission was very high. So when we opened schools, we could not have everything lifted because the transmission would have so fast. From us to kids to teachers all over." Mutahi Kagwe said

Adding that,

"And also a lot of the entertainment joints are in closed areas. So that means the transmission is high. That is why when you have shows outsides, cops are okay with it. It is not all, okay but it is better.

In time as the situation flattens, we will see. It also doesn't make me happy. I hate it when I know people in bars and restaurants who are suffering.

Kahusha, whom I live with, I can see them suffering even, to be frank, people just want to have fun."

Kamene added to the discussion the reality that if things were open, Kahush would have made millions.

"He would have made million on stages."

Mutahi who understands all this said it is a difficult decision to be made and it is by so many people including scientists so it is not just an abrupt decision.