Tedd Josiah lost the love of his life Regina three months after the birth of their gorgeous daughter, Jay Jay.

Narrating the sad experience he went through, he remembered the day he got that call announcing the death of his wife.

"5:30 am seated in my car in a hospital car pack having just been told that my wife has passed.... all I had was JayJay and JayJay’s blanket no formula, no bottles, no nothing but mamas shoes in the passenger seat...I looked at my child sound asleep and held her tight & said these words to her 'we will figure this out, we are going to have to figure this out just you and me'" Tedd Josiah shared

Adding that he had to step up and learn a few things as a single father.


"Formula was a two-month journey of figuring out, eczema was another 4-month journey, colds coughs and all of those were come and go, hospital runs and clinic appointments by myself with women looking at me like “were is her mother...?”And we managed her 1st steps which are in this clip, we managed so much thru this journey of love..."

Tedd then finished by saying it might have been a tough journey but manz has done it at 50 years old.

"If you ever doubt yourself and God’s appointed time for you to do something like raising a child alone... remember this. Raising Jay started for me when I was 47 years old! By all means too old to be raising a 3month old infant without a mother. Now am 50 she's 3 and we are rocking and rolling! This is Love LIVE 🦋 LOVE 💕 LAUGH 😂#RaisingJay #TheManMom."