Heh! So now Diamond Platnumz came to Kenya for 24 hours to perform at a birthday party and he left.

Now, he did not leave alone, he went with his son, Naseeb Junior. The one he has with Tanasha Donna. I just have to put it out there very clear because just like Chito says, he has too many baby mama's.

See the thing is, Tanasha is not present in any of the videos and pictures Mr. Platnumz is sharing.

She has been in Mombasa for the past few days and has been sharing videos and photos from her vacation and it seems she’s having fun.


Mama Diamond posted photos and videos of Diamond and her grandchild and captioned,

"Tom Kaka anavimbaaa na father ❣ mapenzi kama yote πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ huku anawazomea πŸ˜›πŸ˜›."

Things seem to be okay in the parenting world between Diamond and Tanasha. She was in Tanzania a few days ago and now, he is spending time together.

Diamond and Nadeeb Jnr bonding
Diamond and Nadeeb Jnr bonding
Image: courtesy

Diamond has clearly stepped up from the last serious interview Tanasha had. At that time she was clear that he was not talking up his duty as a father but from the pictures and videos since the beginning of this year, seems things have changed.

Watch Diamond and Naseeb cute bonding video back in Tanzania: