Being a mother is job that many mothers enjoy but it does not pay. I am not a mothers but I have heard many say this.

But it comes with so much joy.

Ms. Donna is a mother and she loves it but she also has to grind to give the love of her life the best life. More than what she had growing up and that comes with leaving him sometimes.


She has been in Mombasa chasing that paper and Diamond took over the parental duties. He came to Kenya for an exclusive performance during a birthday party a few days ago and left with Naseeb Junior(NJ).

It is rare to see Tanasha Donna leave her son NJ behind but that is what we call co-parenting. Things on that end seem to be working pretty well.

Taking to social media, she asked her son to hang in there as everything she has been doing for the few days he had not seen her home – was all in his favor.

"See you in a day son.  mommy’s working super hard for you."

Naseeb Junio and Tanasha Video call
Naseeb Junio and Tanasha Video call
Image: Instagram

At least everything is working for the good of their son. Things were ugly last year with NJ's parents not seeing eye to eye which would definitely affect him. Co-parenting comes with a few problems but it is all about fighting for the son's comfort.