Jamal Gaddafi amechoka pia.

We all knew he was managing Tanasha Donna after she left Castro in such a dramatic breakup. 

And now, things seem like they are not okay between them. In a comment on social media, he informed a fan that he is now working on other things.


“At the moment I am focusing on my own projects.."  Jamal said

This is after he helped her land some big financier from the coast region to fund her music projects.

Jamal Gaddafi was not fully her manager but he was really there to support her in her craft. She is now thriving in Mombasa and that is all courtesy of him.

Tanasha's fall out with Castro was so bad, she went out there talking smack about him and his work.

The drama started right after Castro's father was in need of medical funds from friends and fans on social media.

As we speak, she is mangager-less, anyone up for the task?