Harmonize's most recent ex, Sarah Michelloti has come out to reveal her hurt.

Valentines Day can either be a very good day or a day of pain. For her, it was a day full of hurt after Harmonize introduced the new woman in his life.

The two broke up a few months weeks ago after rumors went around that he fathered another child while still dating her.

In a social media post, she shared her break breaking caption saying,


‘"It's difficult for me to regret things happening in my life , but what  I can regret is to give all my time, heart and trust to somebody who never knows the real value of all that……but for now it’s ok and better we give time it’s respect and let’s life continue. I wanna thank all my people and fans for the love and support, I have nothing to offer you more than to love you back. thank you guys and *_happy valentine’s_* **day** …….love you ❤️"

A lot of women on Sarah's post were very supportive telling her things will be okay and that she is lucky she left. Especially because she did not get a child with him.

Valentines Day brought a lot of emotions to so many people.