When Kenyans on social media decided to designate Alinur Mohammed as Somali Bae, he did not dispute it. And he still doesn't.

The name came about when rumors started that he is the man warming Betty Kyallo's bed. And since at that time no one knew his identity but all we knew is that Betty is seeing a Somali man, the name was born.

It has been months and Betty is still seeing someone but it is clearly not Alinur. In fact, she told us one time that her man is not Somali but Borana.

Speaking to Ali Baba. Alinur said that he does not mind the tag 'Somali Bae' but he made it clear he is not dating Betty.


“This name came about when the name was trending, they said I was dating Betty Kyallo. Watu wakikosa kazi lazima waigine hapa an pale waharibu jina, wanasema tuu. I did not see that as a threat, at that time, I put out a statement and said the allegations are false.

“I’m not in a relationship with Betty, I’m a family man, a father of 2. Sisi kama waislamu tunapewa nafasi nne, we don’t do things chini ya maji. We do things out in the public.” He said

In the same interview, he mentioned that he will run for Kamukunji MP come 2022 and also confirmed that Betty will run for Nairobi Woman Rep but we do not know when.

He also made it clear that the two are good friends and he can actually call himself Betty's mentor when it comes to politics.