If you thought the worst befell upon Pierra Makena after she was forced to cancel her weekly event, Park and Chill, then you are wrong.

After pleading with the president to be lenient in the laws he is passing in regards to curbing the spreading of coronavirus, she wakes up to learn people are riding on her idea to come up with events. As far as Eldoret.

I mean Pierra came up with the name and the idea of the vent to help her make so money during these tough times. Her job was majorly at night and since we have a curfew, creativity needed to be implemented.

Taking to social media, she called out the scammers saying,


How would you feel investing your time, energy and resources in something and once it picks up someone imitates it or tries to tweak it just to fit their narrative? Please note, there are a couple of fake Park and Chill events emanating in the events space and they are circulating their posters on social media. Some of them just tweak the name of the event but the concept is still the same as Park and Chill's! Others shamelessly use our name in their promos, like the one which posted recently,  stating that Park and Chill is soon coming to Eldoret. Please not that this is not the authentic Park and Chill event. Be wary of these copycats who are stealing ideas and concepts from us. We encourage you to ignore and disengage in any of these events to ensure they do not spread any further. Y' all know the REAL Park and Chill. Our legal team will take action on all imposters. Thank you for your understanding 🪁."