Eric Omondi kiss studios
Eric Omondi kiss studios

While in the process of creating content for the second season of wife material show, Eric Omondi found himself in trouble.

He was at loggerheads with Ezekiel Mutua which led to his arrest by the DCI for creating explicit content.

Today, the king Mswati himself was hosted by Kamene and Jalang'o and he revealed that the show is set to return this weekend. He says he is however worried that it will very much be the same.

"Nilichoma but it was too much fun." Said Eric .I am afraid because it is coming back on Saturday but I am sure it is going to be 150% the same.

The comedian says the show will be back for at least one and a half weeks but he is not sure whether he will get a wife yet.

It was to resume tomorrow for another one and a half weeks and we vote looking for a wife but I think season 3 we will look for 'the' wife

I am serious this time, I am almost turning 40 hata mathe amekubaliana nami we want a wife.


Eric says his type is a  gorgeous voluptuous woman, just like Kamene and the reason why he went for dramatic women is because he wants his house to be dramatic.

But what really happened leading up to three ladies being locked up?

That morning, two of my lovely babies from Tanzania had a quarrel to an extent where manzi wa Kibera was trying to sort it out. So I talked to them and babied them and solved it and I thought it was over.

We even went to Ruiru and had dinner and I forced them to eat together. We crossed over to the club and I don't know what had happened and from nowhere one chic started throwing stuff.

He says after the fight the fracas became too much and one of the ladies insulted the cops and that is how they found themselves in a cell.