Some of y'all may hate to love Huddah Monroe, but more often than not but when she is in a good mood, she has some amazing advice for her litu sisters.

Taking to social media, she explained why she doesn't apply too much makeup. We all know the babe has a thriving makeup line brand but you will rarely see her on that facebeat.

Explaining this she said,


"Why do you sell make up yet you ain’t so good at it? Lol! Even a Barber doesn’t shave himself! I’m not a Make up artist & I’ve kinda refused to learn coz how I like mine is SIMPLE girl next door look and NEVER perfect! If I want perfection I know the artists! I like to give Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Never greedy 🙈Also , Make up isn’t supposed to change your entire look, it’s supposed to enhance your natural features. And of course, I’ll blend that shadow & clean that eyeliner, brows please 🤥.. just @ me 😋." She shared

From the comment section, it was unanimous that the statement above was the truth and nothing but the truth.