Before we get to the story, a lesson you must pick from this is that tough times do not last only tough people do. Have that in mind.

So last year a time like this there was so much drama happening in Maureen Waititu's life. She had a lot of back and forth moments with her baby Frankie Kiarie aka Just Gym It, on social media.

Accusations were thrown left right and center. From Maureen being kicked out from her marital home, to Frankie being denied the rights to see his two sons to a new lady being introduced who came in with a son weh. Too much.

In all that, Maureen got very emotional and we could tell from her posts which were deep and sad. She even publicly said that she dived deep into depression because things were too much. Not only what was going on but also the comments and trolls on social media. They were too much to bear.



A year later and you can see the counselling and healing is working. The posts have now become positive and uplifting.

In her recent post, she made it clear the place she is at in life she does not have time for negativity.

"My Soul is on a budget. I cannot afford stress, envy, negative vibes, doubt or deceit.-Borrowed."

As we usher in the weekend, this should be your motto. Positive vibes only